Notification Types

The SCAR Notification System uses 3 methods to communication messages:  Phone Call, Text Message and Email.

Notices of different levels of urgency use different methods of communication.  Notices fall into 2 main categories:

General Notifications – Sent by email only

Urgent Notifications – Sent using both Text and Phone call

  • Urgent High Priority – Notifications anytime (24/7)
  • Urgent Low Priority –  Notifications between 8am-8pm only

Below are the different categories of notices that you can receive, and the methods by which they are delivered:

  • RCMP - Rural Crime Watch – Urgent Text or Call Only 
  • RCMP - Rural Crime Watch - General Email Only 
  • M.D. of Taber - Urgent Text or Call Only 
  • M.D. of Taber - Website General Email Only 
  • Town of Vauxhall - Urgent Text or Call Only
  • Town of Vauxhall - Website General Email Only
  • Village of Barnwell - Urgent Text or Call Only
  • Village of Barnwell - Website General Email Only